Hven Island

Join a scenic trip to the Swedish Island of Hven in the middle of the Sound...

Hven is the perfect day excursion and offers a splendid view of the Øresund, beautiful nature, artisans, a number of restaurants and cafés, a whiskey destillation and the historic Tycho Brahe museum.


The  characteristic steep slopes of Hven 'Backafall' rises majestically out of the sea as you approach the island. On Hven the local inhabitants welcome you with a range of activities, dining experiences and pure Swedish atmosphere.


Charter your own boat. We organise excurstions to Hven with all you need for a nice on this beautiful island.



About Hven

Hven was once Danish, but was transferred to Sweden in 1658. Production of brickworks and agriculture were the main industries on the island for many years, but today the main industry on the island is tourism.

Today there are app. 400 permanent residents on the island. Hven measures app. 4.5 km x 7.5 km and rises out of the sea with impressive coastal slopes called 'Backafallen'.