Rent a ship

Do you need a private ship to transport guests at sea! With 5 ships of different capacity Spar Shipping can deliver a wide range of private arrangements and events of any occasion at sea.

Our 5 vessels of different capacities have sailed every corner of the Øresund and much more. The crew is driven mariners, and with our years of experience we are the obvious choice when planning an event at sea.

Whether it is a company outing with the boss and colleagues, or a merry dance party, off shore wind mill tour with foreign partners, ship of worship, angling excursion with the institution, a wedding festivity for life or this year's Christmas party.... we have tried it all!

The opportunities on board are many and varried, and we are happy to provide ships for events of various kinds and for every occasion. We have extensive experience with events at sea, and our crew is ready to pamper you aboard. Contact us for a talk about what can be done and what we recommend.



Nice to know

  • Combine rental of own ship with a visit to the island of Hven or Flakfortet. Hop ashore and enjoy a delicious meal with solid ground under your feet on the island's restaurant or participate in an activity as whiskey tasting, historic tour or another fun challenge before the ship will take you further out at sea..


  • Our ships can sail in Copenhagen's harbour as far as down to lock. An impressive trip that includes multiple bridge openings, which we arrange according to the times agreed the in planning of pricate ship. Our ships can not enter the small harbour canals as they are too big.


  • The vessels are rented with crew and staff on board. Any special arrangements regarding setup, operation, catering on board etc are to be further agreed upon in advance with the office.

  • The vessels have power supply (220V) so bringing own technical supplies such as music systems, microphones (we one onboard) and other technical equipment on board can be arranged. Wifi board can be used onboard at limited extent.

We tailor your event, so it will be an experience out of the ordinary. Our captain and crew look forward to welcoming you and your guests welcome aboard!