Book catering

On cannot fish well, if one has not dined well!  

The galley onboard is always open selling drinks and light snacks. In addition, we arrange everything from breakfast, full-day menus, sandwiches, Danish open sandwiches (smørrebrød) when booked in advance.

We recommend our popular full-day menu consisting of breakfast with coffee and tea, as well as lunch with 2 kinds of herring, followed by 'skipperlabskovs' or 'forloren skildpadde' (both meat stew) and ending the tour with coffee and Danish pastries in the afternoon.

On board the crew is selling various beverages, bread with sliced cheese, sausages and a limited selection of candy.

Own food and bewerages can NOT be enjoyed on board in the saloon, only if pre-agreed upon in writing with the office. Packed lunches are welcome to be enjoyed onboard as well as a single beer or two in the bag, but other than that beverages and food must be purchased on board.


Note! Own food and beverages must not be enjoyed in the ship's saloon, and may only be taken on board in limited quantities and in agreement with the office.