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On Hven there are lots of local flavors to explore. But why not start exploring local food already on the way to Hven! On the trip from Copenhagen to Hven you are able to buy breakfast, toast, cake, candy, coffee/tea, beer/water and more. We always recommend to pre-book set breakfast, rolls and croissants, as well as coffee and cake. By pre-booking breakfast or coffee and cake (on return from Bäckviken, Hven) you are also guaranteed reserved seating!

We offer lunch at the whiskey distillery, Spirit of Hven, Backafallsbyn. This lunch consists of 2 hot dishes and a salad buffet. Alternatively you can pre-book a delicious tapas pic nic to be handed out on board and enjoy on Hven in green surroundings or to eat on board on the return trip from Hven.

Hven is a gastronomic paradise: most restaurants and cafes offer menues prepared from local ingredients! See more about what Hven offer of specialties, restaurants and cafes on 


Nice to know

  • NB! Please note that own food and drinks can not be enjoyed onboard.

  • Pre-booking of catering onboard should be booked minimum 24 hours prior to departure.

  • Pre-booked catering onboard is applicable to all in a group. With catering for children you can choose with juice instead of coffee.
  • Pre-ordering catering on board includes reservation of seating on board (except by coffee/tea to go. This is to be picked up at the kiosk and you can take this with you around the ship.)