Rent your own boat and let us organize your event at sea. Company outings, anniversaries, celebrations and meeetings... our 5 ships of various capacity makes everything possible!

Flakfortet is the perfect excursion for a trip out of town. A beautiful boat trip through the harbour and the offshore wind mills combined with peace and quiet in the middle of the Øresund!

The island of Hven, home of Tycho Brahe and award winning whisky, is only a sail trip away. Explore this beautiful island and enjoy a scenic tour along the coastlines of the Øresund. 

Looking for a gift for that special someone? Give a gift card to use for adventures on the Øresund. Choose between an excursion to Hven, a visit to Flakfortet or a joyful fishing trip!

Angling on the Øresund is for everyone, beginners as well as experienced! We offer full day and half day excrusions, weekdays and weekends. Looking forward to see you onboard!

Invite friends, colleagues and family on the Øresund... a whole range of exciting adventures awaits you...

Angling on the Øresund


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Go for a catch after a tasty herring or a frightful cod! Enjoy the magnificent view of the Øresund, and the smell of a fresh sea breeze on an exciting fishing trip... Everyone can participate!


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The best view town you get from the top of Flakfortet! The fort is a popular destination for a day excursion and the perfect choice for family outings or a business trip with colleagues.


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Join us for a day at sea during Fall break. Go for a good catch on the Sound, tour Hven on a bicycle, or go exploring the deserted tunnels at Flakfortet.
Christmas arrangement


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Do you need this years Christmas arrangement to be unique? Then head for the sea onboard your own ship. We offer traditional Danish Christmas buffet, high Christmas spirit and direct sea view.
Rent a ship


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Sail away with one of our 5 ships. With each their different capacity, we are able to offer the perfect solution for a wide range of arrangements and for any special event to take place at sea.
Gift card
Ash spreading on the Øresund

Spreading ashes

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Say a last good bye to your loved one on the Oresund. Ash spreading at sea is a memorable and dignified good bye for the relatives to their dear one.
Hven Island


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Only a boat trip away you find the Swedish island of Hven! Join the most beautiful cruise through the Øresund and enjoy pure natural idyll and historic blast from the past as soon as you disembark.
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